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Do you want to work for a great salon with lots of perks? Are you looking for a salon that appreciates work life balance and a salon that supports your choices? Well you’re looking in the perfect place! Our salon is a large and spacious building. Here at Pure Style Hair Design we try and keep up with the times. We employ both employee commission stylists and contract stylists, room renters and other service contractors.   We provide a salon software system so that ringing your client through at end of day operations are so much easier. We have Salon Scale which makes counting, recording and keeping inventory so much simpler and stores your client formulas. No more recording colors! We provide an online booking system so that you are able to book wherever and whenever you want and you can always see what you have.  We do provide our customers with certain online booking privileges as well. There is immediate family perks of working here. We provide wifi. There is a washer and dryer on-site so your cleaning can be done at the salon.  We have an alarm system that is programmed with everyone’s names for safer and easier access to the premises. There is parking provided behind the business. We have 3 full lines of products as well as accessories, lashes, men’s products and more. We provide 2 color lines to choose from as well as bright intensity colors. Employee Stylists  receive 10% of the products they sell. There is a family program as well. Our stylists get 5 weeks a year holiday which includes the week between Christmas and New Years. We provide both hair education and product education. There is a shop cleaner that comes in on weekends so there is minimal cleaning needed on your part. In our guest lounge we have a cozy fireplace and T.v. And toy box to keep our young people amused.  If you look through the rest of our site you will see that in addition to our stylists we also have an on-site Nail Tech and Massage Therapist. We are located in a great area on Mainstreet Mayerthorpe! We are an environmentally conscious salon. We help our environment by recycling, bottle return and using paper retail bags. If you would like anymore information you can either email us or call our number and we would be happy to help! We look forward to hearing from you soon! 😊

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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